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Love, Squirrels and Other Diversions

She studies the universe. He’s quite taken with her heavenly body. Can they navigate science, sports, and neurodiversity to find a lasting passion?

London, England. Dr Elizabeth “Elle” Danby finds it hard to trust. Brilliant and focused when it comes to dark matter, the astrophysicist’s neurodivergence makes people a mystery and her social life a soul-sucking black hole. But while attending her sister’s art showing, she can’t stop her skin tingling when she encounters a stunningly good-looking stranger who sends her pulse racing.
Dan Ford is used to recognition and adoration. Extroverted and sure of himself, the celebrated soccer player’s tedious evening ignites when he’s captivated by a vision he hopes he can get to know more intimately. And when he discovers the attraction is mutually hot, he’s delighted when she leaves on his arm… with the promise of late-night dessert.
But their worlds meet with a crunch. Although Dan falls hard for the sharp-thinking beauty, he fears her sky-high intellect and scorn of athletes puts him out of her league. Meanwhile Elle alienates Dan’s sister, destroys his best mate’s garden furniture and inadvertently fleeces his friends. Then Dan screws up, but it’s Elle’s life ruined and her reputation destroyed. Will their differences finally tear them apart?

When they do the math, will they find a love that scores the perfect goal?


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