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The Darcy Dilemma

One clever but lonely young woman. Four complicated suitors. Can she survive the mayhem of a film set and find a perfect match?


The Honourable Eleanor Mortimer is strapped for cash. So when a production company requests the use of her stately home in their fresh take on Pride and Prejudice, the lucrative opportunity seems like a dream come true… until the havoc triggers her epilepsy. 

Now watched over by a driver (babysitter), Eleanor tries to go about her business. But as the stars start to arrive, she’s soon drowning in unreliable men who’d easily break her heart, including an old university crush, a self-assured charmer and a rather cute clergyman.

Before long, Eleanor is dodging her way through a perplexing tangle of eligible sweethearts. But with a dozen ventures to juggle and the chaos of four younger sisters spilling across the grounds, she fears her hopes of finding a man of sense and education are fading by the minute…

Can Austen’s masterpiece inspire another happy ever after?

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