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Following her conscience cost everything. Can she find a way to start over when passion and politics overlap?


Jasmine Mortimer dreams of making the world a better place. Breaking up with her long-term boyfriend and heading back to university, she falls hard for Ben Khan -- a handsome classmate who’s following in his mother’s political footsteps. But when the big-hearted activist agrees to care for her dying former beau, she’s devastated that her Mr. Right calls it quits.


Picking up the pieces, a heart-broken Jasmine takes a job in politics. But when her boss is found dead in a compromising position, she is horrified to learn her fledgling career depends on getting her still-bitter ex elected.


To succeed, they must put their past behind them, to forgive and forget. Except, Ben isn’t showing much sign of forgiving and Jasmine is finding it hard to forget.


With her future on the line, can she win an election for the man who broke her heart?


Hindsight is the emotional second book in the Sisters of Larkford Hall contemporary romance series. If you like honorable heroines, poignant moments, and heartrending misunderstandings, then you’ll adore this touching tale.


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